Studio Work and Drawing

Kristien and Corran 1997space20Welcoming the Dawn 1997space20Lost Pocket Knife and Searchers 1998

Lammermuirs 1998space20Black and Grey - Corran with Pine Tree 1998



Near Shipwreck Creek Croangingolong 1998space20Whale Rock - Tidal River 1998space20Daisy Dell the House at Nackara 1999

Mt Cone 1999space20Sketch Book Study 1999space20Study for Mt Cone, Daisy Dell and Yabbies 1999

Australian Paintings

Made in Scotland

Woman's Dreaming Place on Daisy Dell Station 1999space20Cherax Destructor and The Drought 1999

Tent and Hillside 2000space20Two Tents and Golden Wattle 2000space20Meeting at a Woman's Dreaming Place 2000

Sheltering from the Approaching Storm 2000space20Rocks on the Shoalhaven 2000space20Pulpit Rock 2000

Watching the Whistling Kites 2000

Kym Needle Artist